Opening ceremonies from the 2016 World Ultimate and Guts Championships in London. Photo by Jolie Lang of

The 2017 World Games teams were determined at WUGC 2016 in London by WFDF, and aren’t you already excited for these games after the games we had a chance to see?

The five qualifying teams from WUGC are: Australia, Canada, Colombia, Japan, and the United States. Host country Poland gets the sixth and final spot at the event. Each country has their own process for determining their mixed-roster, with the 2013 roster for the USA featuring an All-Star roster similar to those sent to WUGC this summer.

To determine the qualifying teams, WFDF looks at the results from the World Ultimate and Guts Championships in the Men’s, Women’s, and Mixed divisions. Teams earned points over the course of the week in London, with points earned through wins for each of the teams. Out of all of the countries that did not qualify, Great Britain is perhaps the biggest surprise - on a whole, the country did not have their best tournament at WUGC, but certainly wanted to avenge not making the medal rounds in 2013.

The World Games as an event hopes to showcase sports to the Olympic committee with hopes of being included in future years, and ultimate has been part of the event since 2001 in Akita, Japan. In 2013, the event was won by the USA, with Australia taking home silver, and Canada bronze. Those three nations have consistently been atop the podium at the event, with the USA winning gold in all but one year at the World Games. Japan is the only other team that has medaled at the event, taking home silver in 2009.

See the WFDF press release here.