Welcome back to Up Call everyone.

We're back and better than ever on a new host, with a new theme, the same great logo, and a bunch of other fun and exciting things. Some parts aren't 100% finished, but it's close enough, we're all anxious, some content is ready, that pushing the publish button made sense.

Big shoutout to UltiPhotos whose wonderful photographs will now be setting a much needed tone on the ultimate articles.

As for what will be written on the blog, more of the same as before. Actually, hopefully a lot more of what previously appeared on Up Call. The return of the Spectator is imminent. Bandit the bunny has slowly gotten less grumpy as he's adjusted to life in Brooklyn, and wants to make more videos to eat more carrots. And there is a whole slew of talented writers included Gregory Gipson, Brendan Seney, and more that will be writing on and off for the blog.

Like always, if you're interested in contributing - shoot us an email: upcall.ultimate@gmail.com. We are glad to publish (almost) anything.

Archives wise, currently there are some issues getting the Wordpress.com archives over to this blog - a definite drawback to the move - but I'm working at finding a solution. For now, please head back over to the old blog for pre-2016 articles.

Keep following us on Twitter and Instagram @upcallultimate, and keep being weird, ultimate.