Smile for the camera, Ultiworld is watching. Photo by Alex Fraser of

Earlier this month, Ultiworld announced a new setup for their video subscription packages, starting with the college ultimate season. In the past, the packages have provided game film from multiple tournaments across the country featuring the best teams in college and club. A couple of clicks is all it takes to see that the switch was well worth the wait and this new platform host helps their team deliver videos in a far better environment for fans and teams.

From check out to sitting down, to actually watch the videos, the new service Ultiworld has turned to has shown its superiority. Previously, Ultiworld used Gumroad to host their video platform. Gumroad is a platform that has made it's name in allowing people to sell their goods - digital, physical or service-based goods - to anyone through the internet, allowing rentals, subscription packages, and the sort. While I found the system easy enough to get through, it was confusing at times to know which products I had actually paid for and owned, and more often than not I had issues streaming games directly from the Gumroad servers. With the switch to the VHX platform, Ultiworld upgraded in a lot of ways.

Click over to the new Ultiworld video homepage and instantly, it looks like a much better product. All of my options as a user are laid out in a friendly fashion, and I can quickly get to the sign in page to view products I've already purchased.

When viewing the physical videos, the player itself has a few benefits that I either never noticed on Gumroad before, or weren't present at all. The first feature that stuck out was being able to toggle between a few resolutions (so far every video I've watched could go from 360p to 1080p). But then I noticed just how little stress even the 1080p stream placed on my laptop, with no noticeable lagging even with other internet users in the room. That's a much welcome change from Gumroad, where I often felt that [while streaming directly from their website] the video would lag, and often take a while to load.

Chromecast support was another huge addition that the switch to VHX gives the viewer. With the Chromecast API built directly into the VHX player, it's a few simple clicks to get footage onto a larger screen. Just like with in-browser viewing, I haven't noticed any major lagging through the Chromecast - any problems I've had have certainly been on my end rather than VHX or Ultiworld. Something I've yet to check out, but am certainly excited that it's even a possibility, is using the VHX app to watch games on my phone.

Ultiworld is offering a few different options for video subscriptions this college season - something for everyone. A $70 season pass (on sale until 1/31 for $60), a $15/month subscription (with the ability to cancel anytime), and team pack for $350 (on sale until 1/31 for $300).

With 11+ total tournaments over both the men's and women's division on their filming schedule for the season, if you're a fan of college ultimate, you should purchase a pack to follow along.