Trent Dillon spikes the disc after a score at College Nationals in 2015. Photo by William 'Brody' Brotman of

Pittsburgh En Sabah Nur's Trent Dillon had his Callahan video released earlier today. Already, I think, this video has to go down as one of the best.

  • Some truly fantastic plays by Dillon. I'm sure Aaron Watson (Dillon's former Pitt teammate who made the video) had a tough time choosing from all the plays available - but he did a fantastic job with the...
  • Action photos mixed in with the video highlights are just amazing.
  • First big WOW moment? :48 seconds in.
  • How great is this music? Jamie xx. Good choice.
  • In general, I'm not sure if I have a problem with Callahan videos including non-college highlights. Speaks to the greantess of a player when it includes club, NexGen, Team USA highlights in the video.
  • 1:55 another WOW moment. Defensive positioning has always been one of the best areas of Trent's game to keep an eye on when you're watching Pitt play, and the angle Ultiworld has there is perfect. You can watch Trent shift his mark as El-Salaam turns his head.
  • The interviews with Mario O'Brien, Jon Nethercutt, and Alex Thorne really help speak to the SOTG aspect of the award that other notable Callahan videos over the years may have been lacking.
  • What's great about them too is the Mario interview matches up with the NexGen content, the Nethercutt content matches up with highlights against UNC.
  • 3:12 is the start of another WOW moment.
  • The way Dillon can get his high releases to trail to a point where only his teammates can reach them is impressive.
  • Of course 4:00 is the start of just some great Team USA highlights from Dillon.
  • And here's the scary part: who exactly is challenging Trent this season? Much like Jimmy Mickle a few seasons ago, it almost seems like a conclusion.

I remember meeting Trent for the first time in Boulder at the 2012 College Championships. He went on to win with Pitt that season, playing a large role defensively for the team, also winning 2nd-team Freshmen of the Year in the Ohio Valley. I was there with Skyd Magazine, and he let me do my dumb interview and couldn't be more excited about it. Every time I've seen Trent at a tournament since then, he's still that same, great guy on and off the field.

Trent Dillon pumps the backhand. Photo by William 'Brody' Brotman of

From all that I've heard, Trent would be a great choice for Callahan. One of the largest aspects of the Award is whomever is chosen is meant to be an ambassador of the game, and without a doubt Trent would be a fantastic choice for that reason alone. Playing on Pittsburgh these past five seasons, Trent has been apart of the college team that has most embodied the new identity of ultimate. Fun as heck, more athletic and hardworking than anyone out there, and just a team that is damn good at all aspects of the sport. As a whole, as ultimate continues to become better, Trent would make a great ambassador on the men's side of the game.