Kanye West's latest album, The Life of Pablo is the seventh studio album from one of the biggest names in music. As per his usual, it was released with the bravado we've come to expect from Kanye - and nothing sums it up better than his skit with Kyle Mooney on SNL.

But why should you, the average ultimate fan, listen to The Life of Pablo. There aren't any radio hits for the long road trips. If you disliked Yeezus the similarities with this album may scare you away.

You should listen to the album so you can pick good music for your team's Callahan nominee video.

The music is such a key component of the video. No matter how sick the highlights are. No matter the name. If Jimmy Mickle or Dylan Freechild had shitty music backing up their plays, why even bother watching?

With that, my case for two songs from The Life of Pablo for your next Callahan video.

Listen to the full album on Tidal

It's also on Spotify, iTunes, etc. but apparently Ye's most pure version is on Tidal only

Pt. 2

Lyrics here

  • Do you like pandas? Well have I got a song for you!
  • Pandas
  • So while Desiigner and his pandas are good, Kanye's verse is really the strong part of this song. In all of these songs, he really drives the beat with his words more than the beat driving him - and that's most true on this one.
  • panda panda panda panda panda panda

Lyrics here

  • From the title alone, doesn't it just fit?
  • The intro of the song isn't the best though. It's another one of those moments that you look at Kanye's choice of words, and wonder why.
  • Luckily the beat switches up, and he comes in for his verse.
  • Most ultimate teams train in Equinox right?
  • "I'ma shift the paradigm / I'ma turn up every time"
No More Parties in L.A.

Lyrics here

  • This song is to be used for the best of the best. Someone with a million highlights to choose from, and god dammit you want to show each and every one of them (because it's an 8 minute song).
  • Kendrick Lamar kills it here.
  • When Kanye starts rapping about driving down Mouhalland Drive, it's like him and Kendrick are about to recreate the SNL skit The Californian's, so you have to start feeling pumped UP.
  • Beat? Kicking.