Dallas Roughnecks Owner Jim Gerencser talks to players at the first tryout. Photo by Daniel Thai of UltiPhotos.com.

December 2015. Months away from opening day, in a largely insignificant part of the ultimate calendar, the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex witnessed the beginnings of AUDL ultimate in its community.

Amongst those overseeing the event was owner and E.R.I.C. founder Jim Gerencser.

Though carrying himself in his usual kind and casual manner, it has been clear from the jump that he’s embracing the unspoken motto of many a Dallas owner before him (and Lil Boosie):

Do it big.

Fresh off of the E.R.I.C sponsored, Manila Spirits All-Star Series the talent pool in the open tryout was just as stacked. The invite-only tryout list even included some that weren’t even at the open tryout.

Mr. Gerencser is very familiar with the “Do it big” mentality. Look no further than his steps towards raising cancer awareness, his beachside parties, or even as recent as his first franchise acquisitions. Some may take a look at these early moves as building blocks for what could result in a fleeting powerhouse at best. Surely this roster may stack up to be an incredibly impressive, but overly expensive venture, they’ll argue. All that may very well be true. But to them I simply ask, “So what?”

Jim Gerencser and Jimmy Mickle talk about Roughnecks tryouts. Photo by Daniel Thai of UltiPhotos.com.

This is the Dallas way. Through glory and defeat, this is a sports town that historically swings for the fences – 1980s SMU Football; The perpetual soap opera that is Dallas Cowboys football; Back-to-back World Series fiascos; Mark Cuban’s annual free agency misses. The history runs deep.

So is it really so outrageous to imagine the assembling of a plastic wielding juggernaut down in the Big D? If there’s anyone that would make the grandiose succeed, Gerencser is the man. (Not to mention the general positive community impact that’s bound to come from the mere presence of a franchise).

Ownership groups include ultimate lifers, sure. But now, a unique type of certified baller enters the picture. How many owners out there are flying players out to the Eastern Hemisphere?

In any case one should not make it point to guess the contents of another man’s wallet….

See the full set of photos of the Roughnecks tryouts by Daniel Thai at UltiPhotos.com.