To recap the previous point:

  • (Breakdown Here)
  • Josh Markette and Kurt Gibson run very fluid handler motion that brings the disc up field.
  • John Stubbs has a great throw to Jeff Graham, who caught his defender out of position.

Ironside Roster - Revolver Roster

Here is the game on YouTube. Start at the 14:00 mark for the beginning of this point.

1 SF - 1 BOS, Revolver receives

  • Cassidy Rasmussen receives the centering pass for Revolver, as a side stack sets up on the far sideline.
  • Ironside comes down with the dump defender setting up on the force side, as the mark comes down loose. This forces the open throwing lane not only into the stack, but into that dump defender. If the mark sets sooner, I think this is an even more effective counter to a side stack pull play like the one Revolver is about to run.

  • Simon Higgins makes the first cut for Revolver here, and he takes a lot of moves to get open on Jack Hatchett. Hatchett looks to be playing him tight, and you can see that he has David Ferraro angled in the back of the stack to give him help over the top - so Hatchett can really commit to pressuring an underneath cut.
  • Try to stop that cutting sequence right at 14:13 to see this:
  • It looks like Higgins could've gotten open off of that first move, with maybe a step or two of separation. He's got Hatchett's hips facing the wrong direction, but Hatchett's right foot is still firmly planted, so he'd have the ability to tighten up on an in cut.
  • Just a frame later, still at 14:13:
  • But Higgins makes another move towards the deep space, and then a spin move (!!!!) into two or more steps on Hatchett as he receives the disc.
  • It's a win for Higgins, but because of the mark setup on Rasmussen, the throw forces him to receive the disc closer to the sideline and giving Hatchett the time to catch up.

Stoppage at 14:23 due to a pick.

  • Chris Kosednar with the disc on the near sideline for Revolver out of the stoppage, and the sidestack still closer to the far sideline.
  • By 14:41, the sidestack has switched to the near sideline.
  • Kosednar gets the disc in a powerful position on the upline cut towards that far sideline, giving him the perfect window to jack a backhand huck deep to Beau Kittredge.
  • The breakdown from the Ironside defense that leads to the open upline cut is a switch that was either miscommunicated or just communicated too late in the reset space. With no one in a great position to guard him, Kosednar attacks a huge chunk of open space.

Stoppage at 14:50 for a foul call between Kittredge and Ferraro on the huck.

  • I'm not sold on the foul, I think they both misread the disc. Regardless of what I think, the observers rule foul, and Kittredge gets the disc.
  • Out of the stoppage, Eli Kearns just needs one move to get open on Russell Wallack for the Revolver score.

2 SF - 1 BOS, Ironside receives