To recap the previous point:

  • (Breakdown Here)
  • Kurt Gibson came down with a ridiculous grab off of a bad Inselmann huck.
  • But Seth Reinhardt of Revolver gets the bookends after a layout block in the end-zone, and then beating his defender to space for the score.

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Here is the game on YouTube. Start at the 20:53 mark for the beginning of this point.

3 SF - 1 BOS, Ironside receives

  • Josh Markette throws to Kurt Gibson to center the disc, as the side stacks setup. But notice where Will Neff is (far left of this image!)!!!

  • Right as Gibson catches the centering pass, Neff clears out into the last position of the near sideline's side stack. Jeff Graham, in the stack's first position behind John Stubbs, activates and cuts towards the center of the field.
  • Nathan White of Revolver starts the point playing off of his mark, Tom Annen, and in the force side lane to disrupt the pull play. Thanks to Kurt Gibson's great throw, this has no effect as the disc still gets to Graham.
  • Graham gets open and receives the disc. But pick was called.

Stoppage at 21:07

  • I agree with the decision to keep the disc with Graham though, instead of sending it back to Gibson. Jamie Quella of Revolver was picked on the play, his hips are turned because of Graham's first schimmy, and he runs into his teammate as Graham creates even more separation on his cut.
  • Instantly out of the stoppage, Will Neff goes deep - but the throw doesn't come.
  • That looks to have been the play design. Gibson -> Neff starts in iso, clears -> Graham comes into newly cleared space and gets the disc -> Graham has Neff threatening the deep space.
  • Gibson is once again lining up extremely close to the handler when he's looking to get the reset.

  • Once starting at 21:34, and again at 21:40, watch for Tyler Chan's cuts. He takes steps into the lane, makes a move, and cuts in. Particularly he rounds off his cut by getting extremely close to the stack, to look for the inside throw. Getting the disc there would move it back towards the center of the field, but it also clogs up the reset space.
  • After the 21:40 sequence, he does get the disc off of that inside look.
  • It's also helped lead to the Kurt Gibson and George Stubbs collision.

Stoppage at 21:45

  • When play resumes at 22:00, Chan has the disc and the mark is straight up. He does this upper-body fake into faking a backhand throw that completely moves his mark around and away from the force. It's great.

gif here

  • At one point when Chan has the disc though, there are three people parallel or behind the disc. And then another teammate 3-4 yards in front of him. All on the same half of the field.
  • Tyler ends up throwing a high-release backhand to Gibson on a high stall count to keep the point alive. It's not clean, and feels like a real missed opportunity for Revolver to come away with a block or a stall.
  • Especially because Jamie Quella does a great job covering Jeff Graham in the end-zone. He's mostly face guarding him, and he's constantly moving his feet to square up with Graham. Occasionally you see him peer back to see where the disc is, and he changes with the force. I did not feel that the gif I made did this justice. So just look for it with your eyes.
  • I do like this John Stubbs-led sequence right after that leads to the Ironside goal though.

gif here

  • It starts when Gibson has the disc at 22:10, and hits Markette on his close strike cut towards the sideline. While Gibson clears up the line, Markette pivots towards the far sideline as John Stubbs cuts into a huge swath of open space. Stubbs directs traffic, always a nice tough, and throws to Annen on the near sideline. Because Markette stays put at the front of the end-zone's stack, Stubbs is able to cut up the line for the goal.
  • Long story short, Ironside ended with a goal because they ran very efficient end-zone offense.
  • Nathan White also sags off of Annen after Markette receives the disc in that sequence, and that leaves him open for the pass from Stubbs that setup the goal. A lot of White watching the disc instead of his assignment towards the end of the point.

3 SF - 2 BOS, Revolver receives