• (Breakdown Here)
  • Jared Inselmann throws just a beautiful huck to Jeff Graham for the score.

Ironside Roster - Revolver Roster

Here is the game on YouTube. Start at the 29:35 mark for the beginning of this point.

4 SF - 3 BOS, Revolver receives

  • Revolver fields the pull with a centering pass to Kearns, and they set up a sidestack on the near side.
  • Simon Higgins lines up in the center, while Beau Kittredge lines up at the front of the stack, and Grant Lindsley in the back. Three handlers back for Revolver.
  • Kittredge cuts into the center of the field where Higgins is lined up, as does Nick Schlag from the nearside handler space. This gives Lindsley a lane into the near sideline space.

  • Sidestack now moving to the far sideline.
  • A dump-swing starts at 29:53 with Lindsley clearing, giving space for Kosednar to come in and receive the disc while the rest of the players back push up field. Schlag cuts into the middle, and Kearns has the space from the front of the stack to receive the dic towards the far sideline.

Stoppage for a pick at 30:02

  • More vertical stack from Revolver now.

Stoppage at 30:27

  • It comes from a Lindsley to Kittredge pass, and Jay Clark bids into the lane.
  • Observer rules foul here. On the video, you can hear Kittredge and Clark each discussing it, but not why the observer rules foul. Would like to hear that!
  • Great cut by Simon Higgins at 31:54. At first glance, it seems like he had separation from his first move on the in-cut, but by faking out a second time, he gets a lot more lateral space rather than coming straight in towards the disc.

  • This defense by David Ferraro of Ironside at 32:12 is also great.

    • Starts when he rotates to the same side of the field as the disc.
    • His footwork to stay even laterally as Lindsley activates with a cut up field to try to turn Ferraro's hips is spot on.
    • Then he wins the outside shoulder, first as Lindsley cuts into the far sideline.
    • Then again when Lindsley cuts back to the middle as he looks to re-establish the isolation cut from the middle of the field.

Stoppage for pick at 32:18

  • That pick stoppage is important, because coming out of it, the Ironside defensive trio of Foster / Gibson / Wallack miscommunicate, and Kittredge has a free upline cut as he sells the score with the jump.

5 SF - 3 BOS, Ironside receives