To recap the previous point:

  • (Breakdown Here)
  • Revolver's cutting propels them to a goal against person defense from Ironside.

Ironside Roster - Revolver Roster

Here is the game on YouTube. Start at the 26:20 mark for the beginning of this point.

4 SF - 2 BOS, Ironside receives

  • The action in this point lasts less than a minute.
  • Josh Markette throws to Kurt Gibson to center the pull, as Ironside sets up in a split stack. Jeff Graham and Will Neff line up on the near sideline's stack.
  • On screen, we can see Neff cut towards the middle of the field (towards a poach into the lane by Russell Wynne of Revolver), and Graham comes into the space he cleared to receive the disc.
  • Graham at this point as a good 3 or 4 steps on his defender, Revolver's Lucas Dalmmann, so we can assume he made some sort of move to generate that kind of space.
  • After Graham gets the disc, the continuation throw to Neff isn't available. It looks like Neff came too far under too soon, was well guarded, and so he just cleared into the stack by the time Graham was able to turn and look up field.
  • Graham instead resets the disc to Josh Markette practically on the near sideline.
  • For both Graham and Markette, the Revolver defenders did a great job of containing or putting pressure on their assignments.
  • Revolver limited the movement of the disc up field with their positioning.
  • And they limited the movement of the disc laterally.
  • Graham is able to reset the disc with Inselmann, but Ironside has now lost almost all of the yards they gained with their initial pull play because of Revolver's defensive pressure.
  • Inselmann at first looks to continue to move the disc towards the opposite sideline by pivoting and faking a class dump-swing continuation to Kurt Gibson. A well set mark by Sam Kanner that rotates with Inselmann helps to take that option away.
  • As Gibson is cutting into the reset space, in the left hand corner of the screen, you see Jeff Graham come in and stutter step into a cut deep on that breakside. Josh Markette and Will Neff are clearing the force side lane, and John Stubbs continues his cut in on the force side lane.
  • All of those combined, and you have a perfect Inselmann huck to Graham for the Ironside score. gif here
  • With Gibson cutting into the reset space, his defender can't safely take away Graham's initial cut closer to the handler space (where he was headed before the juke).
  • With Markette and Neff clearing actively from the force side lane, their defenders aren't able to safely their assignments to assist Dallmann on the now streaking Graham.
  • The same goes for Stubb's force side cut underneath.
  • Here's the exact point that Jeff Graham had Lucas Dallmann beat entirely.
  • A pick was called, but I agree with the observer's decision that there wasn't a pick. While Dallmann could have been picked (look at the rear end-zone camera view), he was already away from Graham because of the route he had to take to play catch up on the deep cut because of that initial move.

4 SF - 3 BOS, Revolver receives