To recap the previous point:

  • (Breakdown Here)
  • The point was messy at times for Ironside, but they always found a way to keep the disc in their possession.
  • John Stubbs takes over for the Ironside red-zone offense, and he scores on a great cut.

Ironside Roster - Revolver Roster

Here is the game on YouTube. Start at the 23:52 mark for the beginning of this point.

3 SF - 2 BOS, Revolver receives

  • Great long pull from Christian Foster, and it forces the Revolver offense to setup closer to their own end-zone than they've had to so far in this game.
  • The disc is centered to Cassidy Rasmussen, and when he turns to look up field, he sees a horizontal stack.

  • Beau Kittredge and Grant Lindsley cut across towards the far sideline, and Simon Higgins comes in towards the near sideline.
  • Higgins made a good two step move deep, and then took it under, to gain just enough separation on Hatchett to get open.

  • Higgins receives the disc practically right on the sideline though. While he looks up field to where Christian Johnson is cutting, Hatchett is able to make it a more difficult throwing choice with his mark, because of the position of the disc.
  • And again, that all started with the pull from Christian Foster.
  • As the disc dump swings from the near sideline, towards the far sideline, and then back to the center, Revolver is setting up in a stack.
  • Throughout the point, they do a good job of moving its position on the field relative to where the disc is, to maximize both the horizontal and vertical space available to their cutters.

Stoppage at 24:26

  • The Revolver cutters put on a clinic this point, they were constantly creating separation between themselves and their defenders. The cut for the goal, and the cut prior, are great examples.
  • The hockey assist on the score, a pass from Rassmussan to Lindsley, Lindsley takes advantage of a switch and drives his cut well, and is able to get open on an in cut.

  • Then Lindsley turns to look up field, and throws perfectly to Simon Higgins in the end-zone. Higgins' steps in, combined with his defender Jack Hatchett watching the disc a bit, were able to give him the positioning needed to run out Lindsley throw, uncontested.

  • That's a Revolver goal.
  • The Ironside defenders did not seem as tight to their matchups this point, and I think that gave Revolver cutters some advantageous positions to cut from. They were weary of Revolver hucking it deep, but it never came this point. Without an adjustment away from that strategy though, Revolver is free to just move the disc up the field on cuts underneath and into the space generated by threatening the deep space.
  • Saying that, I don't think Ironside did a bad job for maybe the first half or so of the point on defense. Especially when they had Revolver trapped in the dump-swing reset hell they were in.

4 SF - 2 BOS, Ironside receives