Alright! One point down, a whole bunch to go.

To recap the previous/first point of the game:

  • (Breakdown Here)
  • Revolver breaks, leads 1-0
  • Ironside started with a ho-stack, with Tyler Chan initiating movement in the lane as the disc moved up the field.
  • The disc was turned over when a Will Neff throw to Chan was behind him.
  • A timeout by Greg Cohen kept the break opportunity alive for Revolver, as Ironside defended the reset well and Revolver clogged.
  • Nathan White was very good for Revolver this point.

Ironside Roster - Revolver Roster

Here is the game on YouTube. Start at the 11:13 mark for the beginning of this point.

1 SF - 0 BOS, Ironside receives

  • As Lepler begins the point waxing poetically on Revolver assigning chess pieces to its players, I wonder who would win in a chess match: Kurt or Beau?
  • Ironside comes out in a sidestack this point, but Kurt still receives the centering pass. The stack is lined up on the far sideline.
  • Instead of Tyler Chan initiating the cutter sequence, it's John Stubbs.
  • Revolver begins the point taking advantage of both the sidestack, and where Kurt receives the disc, as his mark - George Stubbs - sets a backhand force. Now the forceside throw would be directly into the stack. This is the most basic counter a sidestack offense can see from their opposition, but an effective one. If it's a windy day, or if the offense relies on set plays, it just became a lot more difficult for an offense to move the disc.

Stoppage at 11:43 due to a pick.

  • That stoppage is important. After the stoppage, Ironside transitions into a more traditional vertical offense. They're playing chess out there! A counter to respond to the original counter. No doubt that is a missed opportunity for Lepler.
  • With the transition to vertical stack, Ironside changes how downfield movement is initiated. The primary option is a cut coming from the front of the stack - usually from Gibson or Josh Markette. Their continuation look comes from a cutter downfield, with the goal of timing their cut with that first cut, so they get a throw from a player in a powerful position.
  • Look at this screenshot, taken at 12:14 as Markette gets the disc from Gibson and turns to look up field. Two Ironside cutters in stride to attack the deep space, with another in waiting. Both timed perfectly with Markette.
  • That deep cut is necessary to continue to create the space underneath for Gibson and Markette to continuously get the disc and advance the disc downfield.
  • Watch the sequence that ended in the Ironside goal to see that primary cut run effectively over and over:
  • I think where this sequence starts though, is right after the stoppage back at 11:43. Out of the stoppage, the disc is thrown to Markette on the far sideline. As Markette gets the disc, Graham starts going deep with Andrew Hagan of Revolver covering him. But George Stubbs also peels off of Kurt just enough to dissuade the deep ball, but it also leaves Kurt open underneath:
  • That's big! Kurt gets the disc uncontested back on the middle of the field. Markette didn't have a great downfield option with Stubbs lurking and he had two teammates pushing up from behind the disc clogging that area. With the disc now with Kurt back in the center, this method of attack for Ironside starts clicking.
  • Markette is a very impressive thrower if you didn't already know. One of the broadcast's replay angles shows him going through the progressions very well. I like to focus on how and where he is choosing to hold the disc. Of course that release point for the throw to John Stubbs is just filthy:
  • Speaking of Stubbs, checkout his throw for the score, and how he turns, sets, and throws.
  • I especially like that angle because you can see almost exactly what he saw looking up the field. He saw Andrew Hagan out of position on Jeff Graham in the endzone. Stubbs still had to make it a perfect throw. But even though Graham had very little space to work with that close to the sideline, the recognition by Stubbs to see the defender out of position gets the score.

  • For Revolver this point, a few things:

    • This was a different d-line than the first point, and they were still able to apply pressure to the Ironside offense.
    • Close on a few opportunities, especially the chance by Kevin Cocks right before the stoppage.
    • Jordan Marcy was playing catch-up on Markette almost all the way down the field.
    • Cassidy Rasmussen quietly had a good point covering Jared Inselmann. One lapse disc watching at 12:15, but Ironside didn't capitalize. Completely shut-down his reset cuts for the remainder of the point though.

1 SF - 1 BOS, Revolver receives