To recap the previous point:

  • (Breakdown Here)
  • A huck from power position by Chris Kosednar goes up to Beau Kittredge, and the foul call is upheld.
  • Eli Kearns gets open on Russell Wallack for the score.

Ironside Roster - Revolver Roster

Here is the game on YouTube. Start at the 17:10 mark for the beginning of this point.

2 SF - 1 BOS, Ironside receives

  • A roller pull comes down from Revolver, Ironside still gets to play the disc before it goes out of bounds, and it's quickly centered up to Jared Inselmann.
  • Meanwhile, Ironside's offense sets up in a split stack, with John Stubbs shallow and Kurt Gibson deep on the near sideline.
  • Inselmann has Gibson going deep (off-screen), and he hesitates, steps into his throw and pump fakes it, and then he throws it. And then Kurt Gibson did this:

  • Here's a different angle that shows Inselmann's form as he threw it a little bit better. Not only is his footwork out of wack, but his hand comes across weird. And you can tell from the look on his face that he's not happy with the throw either.

  • Great job by Gibson here though to read that disc well, and just come down with an amazing grab over two Revolver defenders.
  • Gibson pivots into a backhand, looking for Alex Kapinos in the end-zone, but Seth Reinhardt makes a stunning layout block to prevent the score.

  • As the broadcast went into highlights from that end-zone camera angle (which was great!), we pick back up at 17:55, and Revolver has the disc about midfield.
  • Joel Schlachet makes his first great move to get open with Kurt Gibson guarding him this point. He gets open for a nifty inside backhand, and has a ton of separation and a free throwing lane.

  • When cutters start cutting in for Revolver in this sequence, notice how they're looking to attack both sides of the field, just to keep the disc moving. With a lot of space between where the stack is setting up, and the person with the disc, this runs a lot smoother. Later in the point, we see problems when this space isn't there, and cutting lanes start to become jammed up.
  • Here's Schlachet's other great move to get open on Gibson. Watch how even though Gibson recovered, Schlachet is still able to cut to the inside lane (because there's space there!), and is able to maintain that separation. Gibson did a good job defending here, Schlachet just did better at getting open.

  • At 19:22, the disc gets to Byron Liu, and the field is just a mess:
  • But by 19:27, the field has cleaned up a bit. Liu's best option was a cut by Lucas Dallman, but that's keenly taken away by both Liu's mark (Josh Markette), and Dallman's defender (Mark Vanderberg).
  • Then Liu pump fakes off two open but difficult in cuts on the force side. The first cut is way too close to him with the disc in Liu's flick grip already. The second has more space, but the touch would have to be just right with the defender close behind.
  • Instead, Liu throws out to space into the end-zone for Seth Reinhardt, who's able to out run Alex Kapinos to take in the Revolver break.

  • Liu has really believable pump fakes here.
  • I'm also watching his feet as he pivots through his options and his fakes. Watching his right foot move, I'm reminded of the compass throwing exercise that's part of Lou Burruss' Kung Fu Throwing routine.

3 SF - 1 BOS, Ironside receives