BYU recently released a proposal for restructuring the college post-season so that they could participate up until the very last day of competition. Currently, the team's post-season would likely be cut short due to their religiously-motivated university-wide decision to not play sports on Sundays. With most tournament's requiring Sunday play to win (and advance to other tournaments), including Regionals, this presents a problem for the team and its players. So, they've set out to fix this problem.

They have to go back to the drawing board.

Read the write-up Charlie Eisenhood posted on Ultiworld, along with the full-PDF you can download.

  • Their overall justification comes off as a sound and reasoned plea: they're looking to the USAU by-laws to protect them under words that say USAU shall protect everyone, without discrimination. But where does a religious university that punished student's who reported sexual assault1 or isn't inclusive in the least-bit to LGBTQ students or staff fit into those by-laws? I don't think they do.
  • Their proposed solutions may solve things on their end, but would create un-ending complications for other teams.
  • A two-weekend tournament sounds horrible and not at all like the best format to find out which team is truly best.
    • The problem? Exams and travel concerns mount when including a day of the week that's typically full of classes in session. That doesn't even include classes. Even if games didn't start until 4pm or later, long car-rides aren't exactly conducive to immediately playing the best possible game of ultimate.
    • Making Friday a more commonly used day in tournaments, especially post-season ones, has the same problem.
    • Oh, and money. Money is obviously always an issue with ultimate, and more-so with college ultimate.
  • "Reduce the number of teams [at regionals]". Let that one sink in for a second. For the sake of BYU being able to compete, they want to reduce the number of teams competing.

Ultimately, they're just trying to compete, and want to prove themselves on a National level. I don't think that's possible though if they're unable to play on Sundays. The concessions that would have to be made are too much. And as I wrote above, I don't think USAU should use their by-laws to make an exception for a university with a code as vile as the one BYU has.

Last updated 11/16/16

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  1. After public out-cry, they did make changes to their policy. Still doesn't excuse the university in this author's opinion.