Image courtesy of the AUDL's YouTube Channel.

On a recent episode of Going Deep with Aaron Watson AUDL Commissioner Steve Gordon called in for an interview and shared some insights on the league, his thoughts on SOTG, and more.

Listen to the full episode here.

Some insights about Steve Gordon, the person:

  • Originally attracted to ultimate by Spirit of the Game
  • Even though he has other ventures, 90-95% of a business week is spent on the league or sport as a whole
  • He finds it a lot easier to do the job as time goes by, and his experience grows

On the league:

  • Biggest attraction to advertisers = eyes
  • "I believe referees belong only at the pro level" ... "Why change the culture and system that has developed" [referring to players having spirit, respect, etc.]
  • "We [the AUDL] are trying to build a fan experience that at other levels isn't the goal."
  • "I don't think it's desirable for fans to sit and watch multiple discussions between players that take long periods of time. I think that hurts the fan experience... Hurts our chance to bring exposure to the game as a whole..."
  • Where he hopes the league is in three years - including getting league and teams to profit, finish revolution of how league and game is presented (all Rob Lloyd) via stands and digitally, how content packaged and presented game is going to be different.
    • Talks about relationship with local leagues and USAU being a distinct possibility through the AUDL's growth of the grassroots aspect of the sport.

Other things to pay attention to when you listen:

  • A breakdown from Gordon on his duties as league commissioner.
  • A company called Peeq Data. A quick Google search shows a company building technology to track players in game film.
  • Some insights into the Chicago Wildfire franchise.
  • Aaron Watson, the interviewer! I feel like he does a fantastic job in getting great answers out of Gordon.

Again, listen to the podcast for the full interview between Aaron Watson and AUDL Commissioner Steve Gordon - and subscribe for access to some great interviews with members of the ultimate community.