Khalif El-Salaam pumps his forehand at the Northwest Challenge. Photo by Brian Chu of See more of UltiPhotos coverage from the Northwest Challenge here.

The next major Callahan video is out, this time from Washington Sundodger, Seattle Rinamkers, Seattle Mixtape, and USAXNT star Khalif El-Salaam.

  • The first thing I noticed were Khalif's throws. Since Khalif came more onto the national scene as a member of Washington, and with the U-23 Mixed team, that's always been a huge strength with his game. From :20 until about 1:00, it's all throws that just make you say wow. How far out he can step and then release his backhand, yet still have so much control over where the throw is going... damn.
  • Music is pretty good. Keeps you amped up the entire time you're watching.
  • Just like with his throwing, Khalif has had strong defense. But take a second to watch his positioning before he makes a play on the disc in the defensive highlights shown. He's not falling into great plays, or poaching off at just the right time, Khalif just knows to be there.
  • Is it a requirement to learn how to spike in just the best ways if you're a top college player in the Northwest?
  • How many times does Khalif make the opposition just look silly when he times his jump just right? That probably could've been a completely separate video altogether.
  • Some insane catches too. Again, he's very aware of where he is on the field and how to use his body to his advantage because of that.
  • Nhi Nguyen, who put together the video for Khalif, also did the video for Megan Cousins last season (hint- start at :45 for the real highlights). More videos Nhi!