The gender equity movement in ultimate starts with realizing the systemic social and cultural devaluation of women in sports (see this for a quick run down) and deciding that it is unacceptable. It takes an understanding of what changes are needed. If we could magically have equal opportunities for and exposure of female athletes tomorrow it would not be enough, we have a history worth of active devaluation of women to work against, and that requires more resources than matching those of established and dominating male enterprises (the classic cartoon).

It takes an understanding of how change will come about, how the sharing of personal stories and working to connect with individuals can open eyes. It takes an understanding of the different fronts this needs to be addressed on, working to improve individual understanding, but also making changes on systemic levels. It takes applying these ideas and compassion (compassion is very, very important!) to other marginalized groups, and this movement will be intersectional with race, sexuality, economic status, background (the list goes on and on), or it will be incomplete and diminished.

It requires treating all players with respect and acknowledging their value, as people and athletes.

It’s an exercise in compassion oriented activism.


'This was written in support of the AUDL Boycott's International Gender Equity Personal Statement Week, with the help of Amanda Wach.'