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This summer, when the WFDF World Ultimate & Guts Championships take place in London, there's no question that the most talented field of nations yet will be competing across every division. We could see the traditionally dominant nations challenged in unfamiliar ways. We could get a glimpse into the the stories of individual teams, along with a full documentary of the event. We could get 20+ games live-streamed, and a 2+ hour feature on a US Sports Network.

But unless the Kickstarter campaign started by Robert 'Nob' Rauch, the President of WFDF, meets it's $75,000 goal in the next 10 days, this won't be reality. Great games of ultimate will only be available to those in London. Documentaries that showcase our beautiful sport won't be made. Ultimate itself will have a harder path to sponsorship, the Olympics, and other goals.

Every little bit helps.

Donate to the Kickstarter campaign today.

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