John Stubbs of Ironside makes the catch over Kevin Cocks of Revolver in the 2016 Club Championship Finals. Photo by Christina Schmidt of

This is Disc Lists - an arbitrary list of ultimate things. The numbers listed by things don't really matter, unless you think they're right in which case they do.

After that great Revolver vs. Ironside game at the 2016 USAU Club Championships, lets talk about some great other great games between these two storied teams. They've met so many times, and usually in games that carry a lot of weight to them - be it a championship, a shot at some prize money, or simple bragging rights.

  1. Ironside vs. Revolver - 2016 Club Championships Final Ironside 14, Revolver 13: Yeah how could you not lead off with this game. Boston finally beating San Francisco, in the most important game of the season, coming from behind to do it, and winning on DGP. Beau's drop on that final point is going to be remembered for a long, long time - and I'm sure will fuel his offseason training. 1 Jeff Graham had a whopping 5 goals for Ironside, while Simon Higgins helped lead Revolver with a 4 goals, 2 assist statline. Out of all the times these two teams have met, this is either Ironside's best or second-best defensive effort against one of the most potent offenses in the sport. And to think, if Sockeye had beaten Revolver in pool-play, this game happens in quarterfinals.

  2. Ironside vs. Revolver - 2010 Club Championships Final Revolver 15, Ironside 10: The game that started it all. After losing to JAM the year before in the finals, Ironside makes it back to the finals... only to lose to a different San Francisco team, Revolver. Sadly, I can't find a YouTube video that has this final.

  3. Ironside vs. Revolver - 2011 Club Championships Final Revolver 15, Ironside 10: The third straight championship finals appearance for Boston Ironside, and they meet Revolver again. Chances of the almost exact same result as last time had to be slim to nothing right? Revolver cruises to another club championship, Ironside's season is crushed in the final game for the third straight time, and the rivalry seems one-sided.

  4. Ironside vs. Revolver - The US Open Games: As these two teams have pretty consistently finished in or near the top 3 since that first finals game in 2010, and with the creation of the Triple Crown Tour in 2013, the two have met quite a bit in recent years at the US Open. They've met in the 2013 finals [a Revolver win], in 2014 pool play [an Ironside win], and in the 2014 finals [a Revolver win] - and those are just the games posted on YouTube. As a fan, it's been a great start to the season since the Triple Crown Tour was announced. The best rivalry in the Men's division gets showcased at the opening event of the club season. The games only get better when the two met in the finals the previous season, and next year's US Open will be no different.

Any major games that I'm missing? ECC 2012 had a good game between the two that Ironside came out of with the win after taking an early lead. Maybe a Pro Flight Finale game?

[1]: Odds that Beau will cut-up the ESPN3 footage of that final point, maybe throw in some of those pictures of him outside of the Revolver post-game huddle, hook-up a projector in his gym, and just play it on repeat?