Georgia Bosscher of the USWNT lays out for the catch against Canada in the semi-finals of WUGC 2016. Photo by Jolie Lang of See more UltiPhotos coverage of WUGC 2016 here.

Bandit (🐇) is back with his picks for the final three games of the World Ultimate and Guts Championships 2016.

The full version:

The auto-created by my phone movie version:

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Those final three games are:

Mixed Final 1


Women's Final


Men's Final

USA versus JAPAN

You can watch the games here: 1

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And make sure you check out the great photos UltiPhotos has of the entire competition.


  1. The Mixed final is geoblocked due to a contract with CBS Sports, and will be available for viewing either on CBS Sports Network tomorrow at 4pm Saturday, 12am Sunday, or after those air at the link above. All other games will be available LIVE at the link above. ↩