Boston Brute Squad and Seattle Riot meet in a spirit circle after Brute Squad claims the US Open victory. Photo by Sandi Canetti of

A look back at the questions asked before the US Open last weekend. Chicago Machine won in the Men’s division, Boston Brute Squad in the Women’s division, and Boston Slow White won in the Mixed division. See the full results from the tournament here.

How do the International team’s do?

In the Men’s division, the two Colombian teams finished with a combined 2 wins and 12 losses; Ki.e finished with both wins, while Urutau went winless on the weekend. General Strike, a team from Winnipeg, finished with only one win - over Urutau. Fusion, the Women’s team from Winnipeg, finished with a win over Iris and Showdown to make it to the 1st place bracket before losing to Scandal. Iris, from Quebec, went winless on the weekend. And in the Mixed division, the three international teams - Voltaje U.C, Union, and the Panama Mixed team - finished with a combined three wins, Panama was the lone team to finish without a win in the division.

So overall, not the best showing for the international teams - while it was probably difficult for USAU to attract top teams following WUGC, it’s still an area that needs to be improved upon for the overall health of the event.


How great is Revolver minus (some of) their World’s contingent?

Well Revolver went 4-1 in pool play, losing to Ironside by a 4-pt margin in a game Ultiworld captured (subscribe to their club video package!), and then lost to Sockeye on DGP in the semifinals to finish tied for 3rd with Ironside (who lost to Machine). The loss to Sockeye was especially frustrating for Revolver, they stormed back from first a 4-1 deficit, and then an 11-7 deficit before falling.

The results this past weekend proved one thing: Revolver without Beau, without Cassidy, without Joye, without whomever and however many of those players is still one of the best teams in the nation. Should any of their players fall to injury later in the season, they’ll have kinks to workout for sure, but ultimately will be just fine and should find themselves threatening for another championship.

Can one of the 5-8 seeds break seed?

The answer is yes. Florida United and Patrol broke seed, the 9th-seeded Turbine broke seed to finish within the top 8, and only Guerrilla dropped out of their top-8 seed position.


Does the Northeast region show-up?

Brute Squad sure did, they won the whole tournament. But between the other three teams from the region - BENT, Siege, and Iris - only New York’s BENT had a win in pool play. BENT would notch two more wins on the weekend, Siege would beat Iris twice, and Iris finished without a win. Not the showing the region needed if it wanted to position itself for some extra strength bids come the end of the season.

How good are the top four teams?

Lets amend the question to say five teams, thanks a lot Scandal. Again, Brute Squad came out firing, and they positioned themselves as the cream of the crop at the US Open. Perennial powerhouse Fury did well in pool play, but (perhaps not surprisingly) lost to Molly Brown in the quarterfinals. DC Scandal announced they aren’t done atop the division, and Riot once again reached the finals but lost to Brute. Got it all?

So basically: get ready for an exciting year in the Women’s division! Brute is still the favorite to win, but hot damn if this weekend didn’t prove that it’s all far from decided. Out of the four remaining teams, I’m excited for this iteration of Molly Brown’s game against Brute Squad. They looked to be on another level from last season.


Are Drag’n Thrust and Mixtape still the best two teams?

They are both still two of the best teams in the division, but two Northeast teams - Metro North and Slow White - came out and added their names to the top of Mixed. Slow White won the tournament with convincing wins over Metro North in semifinals, and Mixtape in the finals. Drag’n meanwhile lost to Mixtape in the semifinals, and showed a little loss of composure in the process. The division as a whole seems to be a bit more competitive than in years past, which is only good news.

And again, does the Northeast region show-up?

The great showing from Slow White and Metro North has already been detailed, and the best should be assumed in regards to bids, leaving Wild Card and Union. Wild Card finished in 8th after losing out in the consolation brackets, while Union only had wins over the two international (and non-Canadian) squads at the tournament. Wild Card certainly has the ability to prove over the remainder of the season that they can earn a strength bid for themselves, but if the results this weekend are any indicator they will have a difficult road in front of them for an easier path to Rockford later this season.