The 2015 All-Star Tour prepares for their game in Vancouver against Traffic with a pre-game huddle. Photo by Olivia Chao of

The biggest and best news of the summer so far: the All-Star Ultimate Tour is returning for a second trip around the US (and Canada) with nine stops, nine games, and the continuation of a great showcase of women’s ultimate. Just like last season, they’re asking for our help in funding this amazing journey.

Last season the All-Star Tour came out with an amazing team, and had some great highlights to their season. Over the 9 games of the tour, they had a fantastic local turn out to fill the stands, all of the games were live-streamed and are now available on YouTube, and they had highlights gain national attention as well. The documentary about the tour that recently debuted, which explored the role of media and athletes (specifically women in sports), was another great aspect of this endeavor.

Now the All-Star Ultimate Tour is back for 2016! It’s mostly the same event as last season, with live-streamed footage of all nine games, recap videos, and behind-the-scene interviews of the team. They’re also striving to include youth clinics to every stop when possible this season, another big step in growing the game. The nine stops the tour is making subtracts Philadelphia and New York City, but adds in both San Francisco, CA and Raleigh, NC, two of the biggest ultimate-markets in the country.

Just like last season, the tour is asking for our help in funding. Last season, the tour was asking for $35k to cover the costs of the tour, and the ultimate community was able to fundraise 130% of that goal. This season, they’re asking for $12k! And with 15 days left on their fundraiser, the tour is already over 50% there.

I strongly believe the tour is an important part of ultimate in 2016. Not just to gain more media of women’s ultimate, but to help showcase all of the amazing athletes and teams that exist in the women’s division. The team that is being assembled is without a doubt a legitimate All-Star team, that could certainly advance deep into any tournament - if not win it. The team’s they’re going against feature athletes we’re all used to seeing after the WUGC USWNT, USWMNT, and USXNT made so much noise earning gold medals in London last week and athletes we haven’t given our due to on the national stage that have earned that.

That roster (as of right now):

Kate Scarth
Stevie Miller
Hayley Wahlroos
Jesse Schofner
Caitlin Fitzgerald
Jenny Wei
Claire Revere
Ellen Au-Yeung

More players are being announced all the time, check their Twitter @allstarulti for updates on the roster.

Go fund the tour, they do have some sweet rewards for backing them, and help make round two a reality!