A Seattle Cascades player battles a Vancouver Riptide player for the disc. Photo by Jeff Bell of UltiPhotos.com.

Even though I thought it wise to 'predict' who would be playing the AUDL's Games of the Week this season, they were formally announced just this week. Here's the AUDL's announcement.

Notable Games

  • The most important game on the schedule is the April 30th Dallas Roughnecks @ Raleigh Flyers game. Those two teams, right now, are at the top of that division and this game could have seeding implications for the playoffs.
  • Next up? Toss-up between the Pittsburgh Thunderbirds @ Madison Radicals game on June 4th, and the Vancouver Riptide @ Seattle Cascades game on July 9th to close the regular season. Both are classic rivalries, and both again have strong playoff implications.
  • Dallas plays Austin on July 2nd - finally we get to see Texas beat itself up.
  • When the LA Aviators visit the San Diego Growlers on April 16th, we'll find out if either of the two teams can realistically challenge Seattle or San Francisco for the division or even a shot at the playoffs.

Notable Omissions

  • No games with the San Jose Spiders!(!!!!!) The defending champions will not be seen on ESPN3 this season. Sure, they had a lot of roster turnover and probably won't be making a strong title defense... but you'd still expect them to appear here. The Denver Broncos aren't going to be repeating as Super Bowl champions, but they'll still be all over the Sunday/Monday night games.
  • Even though Montreal put up some extremely high numbers with their home attendance last season, they also don't get a game on ESPN3.
  • No Philadelphia, Cincinnati, Detroit, Indianapolis, Minnesota, Atlanta, or Nashville on the schedule as well. Most glaring omission out of those teams is Atlanta, but nothing trumps the Spiders not getting a game.
  • I thought it strange that the AUDL chose to not give Dallas a home game. Just figured with their stars, you'd want them playing opponents with crazy fans readily available for the cameras to cut too.

Other Notes

  • As for my predictions... I picked one game correctly! A few of the match-ups are correct, just on the wrong dates, but my only correct pick was the Toronto Rush @ DC Breeze game on Saturday, April 23rd.
  • Glad to see that Fulcrum Media Group is being welcomed back on the production side of things. As good of a job that Ultiworld does with their college and club games, Fulcrum sets the standard without a doubt.
  • Same goes for Lepler and co. back in the broadcast booth.
  • 2 games in Madison, Wisconsin to showcase the site of championship weekend for the league.
  • In the past, the AUDL has flexed away from some games into more interesting/playoff implicating games - early bets for that are the two end of May games, first Ottawa @ Toronto, and then the Jacksonville @ Raleigh game.